Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Finishing up the BJP08

I have finally finished my August page, the last for BJP08. What I find rather amusing is that it was the first page that I ever started. I actually did the first stitch in July 2008, but kept putting it down to do other things.

The whole point to this page was texture. It's rather monochromatic, but not entirely. It is subtle, and it portrays what I had intended for the project. I wanted to explore a variety of techniques, and improve on my skills in bead embroidery, and this page certainly pushed my imagination and definitely tried my patience.

I am reasonably happy with the result, and thrilled that it's done!

I am so excited to get to work on January for BJP 2010!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A bit of colour for July

I felt that July required some colour, so I took inspiration from Klimt's The Dancer (1916-18). Her robe is a wonderful mosaic of colours and forms, so I drew my impression of a section from her sleeve, and only added simple enhancements, mostly in pretty beads I bought recently.

Things were finally starting to look up, and there are positive possibilities on the horizon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

6 months caught up - how hard it's been...

It's been a hard year so far. To the point where I forgot to even post my January page.

I hoped that by imaging the phoenix this year, 2009, would be an improvement on 2008. Well, rather than an instant improvement, it continued to go downhill, though it didn't culminate until later. Work has been an ever more dismal and abusive situation than I have ever had to endure.

February did have some bright spots, primarily in my school project for Photography, so I used a test print of one of my favorite shots. The project was shot mostly with a plastic camera which doesn't allow much control of exposure time and aperture, and gives a kind of accidental quality to the photos, so when I accidentally used too much heat when I dry-mounted this print, and I kind of liked the effect, I decided to keep it, and used it for the month anyway. I think it's kind of fun!

March is for my mother and brother, and for all my fellow water types! This is the last ray of light for a while...

April is when it all came down. I ended up in stress leave from work, and had to fight with my group insurance to be paid while I healed. They refused. April was a black hole of depression. I found the lack of creativity to be the most distressing part. I thought this image fit the month. There isn't even an ecretion disk because this black hole has eaten everything it can find.

I'm not much of a blog writer (as you can tell), and I didn't really intend this to be a narrative of any kind, but in a sense the entries for April, May and June are.

May was slightly less bleak than April, but it still wasn't that much better.

In June I hit a milestone year, and on top of that things still weren't all that much better. I was still on stress leave and seriously questioning my choice of profession. I think the mistake and lack of my usual finesse echoes my emotional state at this time.

Now, all I have left are 2 months to catch up, and July and August were starting to get better.